December 25, 2011

Christmas Wishes

Last Christmas I received a new camera. It's a typical point and shoot camera. I didn't really try doing artistic shoots with it until about a week ago. Until then, I thought that I needed an SLR professional camera to get really great artistic shots. I was inspired by my friend that I met not 6 months ago. Being a very avid photographer, she inspired me to try new things with my camera. Thanks, Abby. :) Since then, I have been trying different things with my camera. Here is a Christmas shot that I took of a wrapped present under the tree. I like this picture because it shares the spirit of Christmas with the lights and the spirit of giving. :) This Christmas, I am thankful that I have learned contentment with cameras and other things. :) And I know that I will be using my camera this Christmas at family events. So, from my family to yours a VERY Merry Christmas. :D ~Emma

P.S. This is my last post before Christmas, minus the 12th day of Christmas, so this is my Christmas post, (even though it is Christmas Eve). Merry Christmas! ~E