January 12, 2013

Crayon Wreath

Hello everyone! I finally finished my crayon wreath that I've been working on for a while. How did I do it you ask?

I used my Gypsy to cut two circles (one inside the other) to create a ring. This was cut with green cardstock and chipboard and these two glued together. All crayons were arranged in a rainbow of colors and hot glued in place. It's that easy. A simple ribbon is the hanger.

The crayons were bought on back to school sale super cheap, so two boxes of select colors were used. The double layer allows for a fuller, larger wreath.You could add school themed die cuts for an extra dimension. I was tempted to use colored tule for the hanger. But white ribbon from my stash easily worked.This is also a great teacher appreciation gift. 

One warning: the crayons will easily mark on anything in sight. I wouldn't suggest putting this on a white wall/door (I just used mine for the photo.) :D Hope you all enjoyed this!! ♥E